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Only the Best Automotive Greases & Lubes

Tired of shopping for supplies instead of running your shop?

We’ve done the legwork and narrowed the world of automotive greases and lubes down to a select collection of high-quality and affordably priced products.

With selections from top brands like Blaster, Mag1, Marvel, AGS Sil-Glyde, and Lubriplate, you can stop pouring over the endless products at the big box distributors. Roadrunner prides itself on one-on-one customer service and superior industry knowledge, allowing you to step away from the shopping and continue doing what you do best, running your shop.

Top quality greases and lubricants continue to be a source for technological advances that extend the lives of components and tools. For instance, Lubriplate motor assembly grease contains a zinc-oxide anti-wear additive made especially for motor assembly and engine rebuilding. This product prevents “dry start” by providing the extra lubrication necessary during startup, before the motor oil has fully circulated.

Questions about wholesale vs. retail products? Wondering whether your shop should stock synthetic lubricants? Call us today at 970-214-3003. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your shop has the supplies it needs.

Roadrunner’s selection of automotive greases and lubes includes:

All-purpose Lubricants
2-cycle Oil
Oil Treatments
Penetrating Catalyst Lubricant
Power Steering Fluids
Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease
Garage Door Lubricants
Silicone Lubricants
Motor Assembly Grease
Brake Lubricant
Air Tool Oil
Air Tool Conditioner
Aluminum Anti-Seize Lubricant

Roadrunner Distributing is your independent source for high quality retail and auto shop supplies – at great prices. We know first hand the needs and pressures shop owners like you face every day. And because of that, we make customer service our first priority!

To find more essential and affordable automotive products, view our complete lineup of shop and retail supplies and accessories here: http://roadrunner-distributing.com/store/

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