A Complete Line of Automotive Chemicals to Keep Your Shop Running Smoothly

Discover our wide selection of the best power steering fluids and the best fuel treatments, plus a large variety of fuel system cleaners, exhaust system dyes, glues, and more.

Roadrunner Distributing has done all the homework so you can stay focused on the tasks of running a successful shop. No need to search for the most effective brands of fuel injection cleaners or brake parts cleaners. We’ve carefully selected a handful of the very best automotive chemicals available, for you.

From the essential fluids your shop needs to operate safely and efficiently to the everyday products your costumers are looking for, Roadrunner has you covered.

Weeding through the many brands on the market for little things like super glues and thread lockers takes precious time you don’t have. Roadrunner carries tried and trusted brands that are relied upon throughout the automotive industry.

For the best fuel treatments, fuel system cleaners, and other additives, the clear winner is Mag1. Tracing it’s roots to 1922 and headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, the Mag1 brand is one that will satisfy even the most demanding of your customers.

Here are the retail and shop automotive chemicals we can supply to you and your customers:

Brake Parts Cleaners
Diesel Exhaust Fluids
Super Glues
Starting Fluids
Radiator Stop Leaks
Oil Treatments
Transmission Stop Leaks
Lead Substitutes
Octane Boosters
Gas Treatments
Fuel Injection Cleaners
Engine Degreasers
Fuel Additives
Brake Cleaners
Diesel Fuel Additives
Armor All Retail Products
Power Steering Fluids
Brake Fluids
Synthetic Brake Fluids
Gasket Makers
Gasketing Systems
Adhesive Sealants
Battery Cleaners
Battery Protectors
Penetrating Grease
Pipe Sealants
Gasket Removers
Thread Sealants
Air Tool Oils
Weatherstrip Adhesives

Roadrunner Distributing is your independent one-stop shop for the auto supplies you can count on. We know first hand the needs and time pressures shop owners like you face every day. And because of that, we put customer service first!

To find more top quality products at great prices, view our complete lineup of shop and retail supplies and accessories here: http://roadrunner-distributing.com/store/

Call us today at 970-214-3003 and let us help you find the exact supplies you need.

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